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A Walk With Friends

Marcela Eslao

Hi friends! I'm Marcela, your friend and chatty host of A Walk With Friends. Here on this podcast we unpack all of our life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. Here we share the things that have left us wiser, stronger and better. We walk side by side truth telling and hope giving in each episode. Stop by weekly for the dose of encouragement and companionship that we all need! Tune in every week for bible readings, bible studies, and walks with friends. Be reminded, that while we may walk through some things in life alone- we are not alone. So let's go! Im glad you're here!! To find me and connect more with me you can find me on instagram: @AWalkWithFriends. Shoot me your feedback, questions and love by email to: Marcela.AWalkWithFriends@gmail.com