A Walk With Friends

Stay Alert! 1 Peter 5

September 29, 2022 Marcela Eslao
A Walk With Friends
Stay Alert! 1 Peter 5
Show Notes

Join us here under the sun wherever you are, and let's walk together through the Bible series 1 Peter. 

Grow and learn with me through this series as we read the letter of Apostle Peter to the Christian church scattered in the five Roman provinces of Asia Minor, located in modern-day Turkey. 

The Apostle addressed the letter’s recipients as “foreigners”  (1:1), a word indicating that Peter was speaking to Christians who were living their lives in such a way that they would have stood out as aliens among the surrounding culture.

Let's read and learn together what Peter means by this.

 I would love it if you interacted with the episodes by sharing a snap shot of the podcast with messages of what stood out to you in each chapter, or what you want to focus on more with what was read or what Holy Spirit is showing you and teaching you. 

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